We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Degassing Units, which is a foundry treatment system, mainly used for the removal of hydrogen gas and non- metallic impurities from aluminum alloys. These units use inert gas that is delivered to the base of the melt via a uniquely designed spinning rotor. It is manufactured utilizing quality graphite and is designed to ensure maximum contact between metal and purge gas.
The rotor of the unit produces a cloud of very small gas bubbles that effectively purge the melt, removing hydrogen and oxide inclusions as the gas rises to the surface. Moreover, the process is also designed to be non-turbulent so that the reintroduction of hydrogen and the regeneration of oxides are reduced to an absolute minimum.
During the melting procedure, aluminum produces a lot of oxide and dross, when the mould is poured without removing the dross. The use of inert gas system in the complete process of degassing unit reduces the need for pollution control and gives improved working environment for the operators as well as eliminate toxic emissions & discharges to the surroundings.

Degassing Units

Benefits :

  • Environment Friendly Process Due to use of Inert Gas Systems
  • Elimination of Human Error Since Process is Automated
  • Higher Degassing Efficiency (Lower Levels of Gas in Less Treatment Time)
  • Consistently Lower Levels of Gas Content (Reproducibility & Repeatability of Results)
  • User Friendly Operations, Easy Replacements of Graphite Consumables
  • Lowest Gas Levels Attained
  • Efficiency Maintained Through the Life of the Rotor
  • Oxidation Resistant, Highest Quality Graphite to Increase Life
  • Optimum Bubble Size and Distribution
  • Turbulence Free
  • Fast Degassing

Precautions :
  • Power supply for DU should be 415V A.C.
  • While replacing components the electrical supply should be disconnected fromthe 415 V supply outlet and the control panel MAIN switch should be in OFF position
  • Metal should not be poured or drained out at any time unless water accumulation is removed
  • The quality of inert gas used with the Degassing Units is the direct responsibility of the user
  • All personnel in the vicinity of molten metal must wear proper face and eye protection, heat protection and body protection
  • Accumulation of water anywhere near the vicinity of molten aluminum creates an explosion
  • Use hand gloves for any activity near the hot degassing shaft & rotor to avoid severe burns