Vacuum Pressure Test OR Aluminium Porosity Test ( Vacuum Testing Units )

In Quality management of Aluminium Alloy Casting, Porosity is a major factor which is detrimental in terms of surface quality, Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
Hydrogen, which easily dissolves in molten aluminium which causes gas porosity.
Vacuum Pressure Test is the most widely used technique in aluminum foundries.
Vacuum pressure test is solidifying a sample of molten aluminium under reduced pressure (vacuum) up to 500mm Hg.
The reduced pressure enhances pore formation and pore expansion, giving out a visibly more porous sample than that solidified under atmospheric conditions. Porosity assessment is done in the following manner :

  • Viewing the top of the sample. A puffed up surface indicates heavy gas content, where as a smooth & / or a concave surface indicates mild or acceptable gas content.
  • Cutting the sample & comparing the cut surface with a photographic standard.

Some of the Features of Our Machine are :
  • Self Sealing Vacuum Chamber.
  • In-line suction filter for maintenance-free operation. Filter is designed for easy & fast cleaning.
  • Vacuum display on the Vacuum Pressure Guage.
  • Three phase unit with all protection.
  • Has overload Protection.
  • Can be made Mobile

Vacuum Testing Units
Vacuum Testing Units

Very low Porosity

Vacuum Testing Units

Medium Porosity

Vacuum Testing Units

Very high Porosity